A Simple Key For why is my period late and very heavy Unveiled

Sorry, I overlook the identify. I'm currently taking Provera to induce another period so I will take the second round of Clomid. It just all appears to be far too Strange. I have always been irregular but I know that I'm able to becoming pregnant At eighteen, I miscarried but that was almost ten years ago. I get yearly tests and have never demonstrated any other indications of any other problems or concerns. I was checked about 3 years in the past for Thyroid troubles but all of them came again very clear. So we will see... ..show

Many people will take as much as two years to get pregnant. Will you be viewing an OBGYN that focuses primarily on fertility? Did they ever come across the cause of irregular periods? Underactive thyroid? Endometriosis? adhesions? over excercising? 2nd thoughts are always a superb detail as Medical professionals are human.

But my period came so irregular (like having period for evry 4 months and received worst pimples at any time. I took BC again till I received married on January 2009. My period came Feb & March, then November. I consulted my OB last January 2010 and gave me primolut to induce my mens. After two weeks my ultrasound shown my eggcells are very lesser than usual. Later on my PT appeared negative. She recommended me to consider primolut again and just take clomid 50mg for five days starting 2nd day of my cycle. Now forty four days but still no period and PT remains negative. Haisssttt.... How I wish an individual with exactly the same knowledge as mine can recommend... Having said that, I am planning to have blood test by following month (if still no period) for getting confirmation if I'm or I'm not pregnant.

Emilou86 I've just come throughout this thread... I'm undergoing precisely the same detail. First 2 months on clomid good. And now it seems to have stopped.

Jess2982 I am on cycle five of clomid, I never had a period after clomid until the 4th test I'm hoping this time is effective, I am only in the position to do 6 ahead of I have to visit a fertility skilled, I am going to pray for everyone to become pregnant, Remember to pray for me too

spencer126 Hi all, i have taken clomid 50mg for 6days And that i ovulated According to the ultrasound which was been monitored carefully by my doctor. she was in the position to notify us the correct time to have sex in an effort to get pregnant. It has been 13days because ovulated, i have no period, i did three home preg... test with 2 positive final result and one negative. Am about to do blood test on thursday to verify preganancy, i really hope that I'm preggas, cuz your complete practical experience with tryna get preggas is very monotonous and time consuming, i hope it's worth it at the top.

Stide My wife and I are likely thru precisely the same point and its so discouraging, I need to know if any of the above pple acquired any favourable news probably I might feel comforted. Its just so lousy, u get all the correct signs, even that implantation bleeding a negative test. Sigh! I'm offering up. ..exhibit

mandy290 howdy i have now been taking clomid for four months and no baby and this month I didn't have a period possibly even though i ovulated. my progesterone amount was 14.1 which my doc says is really superior. but again nonetheless no baby.   ..clearly show

kstull hi everyone,    I am having a lot of comparable probs. My hubby and I have been TTC for almost two years, i just finshed my 3rd cycle of clomid, my dr wont prescribe it far more than four cycles. We have equally been tested, And that i have had an HSG. my tubes WERE blocked, but during the procedure, my tubes seemed to be "flushed out" and my dr appeared very happy with it. that was in might, even now no baby. :( i also Assume i have a UTI at the moment, that is terrible cuz a lot of semen clearly will cause uti's amd yet...we have to complete the deed every other day after finishing clomid.

Having my 3rd spherical of blood tests to determine if my hormones stages have transformed. last round indicated I'd PCOS. Dr refered me to the GYNO, but i wasn't All set for more artificial hormones, as had a terrible time hormonally after stopping my BC.  I know that it might take involving 6-12 months to Obtain your period again regularily after stopping BC.  Has any person on this tread fallen pregnant from Clomid? ..show

winkem I'm also in this situation, I have endometriosis and have been seeking for 2yrs with no luck i was placed find out this here on clomid 8 months ago and bought pregnant my fist cycle but miscarried at 6 wks ;-(... I have a 6y/o son that I had when I had been on 18y/o.

Do you will get problems early while in the morning? This is because of additional hormones running by way of your system.

But my period came so irregular (like having period for evry four months and received worst pimples ever. I took BC again right up until I bought married on January 2009. My period came Feb & March, then November. I consulted my OB last January 2010 and gave me primolut to induce my mens. After two weeks my ultrasound revealed my eggcells are rather lesser than ordinary. Later on my PT appeared negative. She encouraged me to acquire go now primolut again and choose clomid 50mg for 5 days starting 2nd working day of my cycle. Now 44 days but nonetheless no period and PT remains to be negative. Haisssttt.... How I want someone with precisely the same expertise as mine can recommend... Even so, I am planning to have blood test by up coming month (if continue to no period) to have affirmation if I am or I am not pregnant. ..display

BabyKat2009 I know this is really outdated. But I just needed to toss my story into your blend for the reason that frequently I see that people today don't come again and see it here say what took place to them. Here is my story. I've been TTC for 6 months on 6 months of Clomid 50g (no known problems However - Dr. place me on it to regulate my lengthy cycles). I bought many side effects - I'v experienced Terrible dryness, headaches, very hot flashes, and no intercourse travel. On the other hand, the ovulation predictor kits (OPKs) would come back optimistic every month, and every month I'd get my period 14-16 days later, like clockwork. Until now. On my ultimate cycle of Clomid. I am now on cycle working day (CD) 54, and i am 33 days earlier ovulation (dpo). I should have gotten my period all over July 1st 2010, and considering that now would be the 21st of July, you can see I am very late.

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